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Thurso East

It may surprise you to learn this but there is a vibrant surfing scene in the UK. Even in Scotland, where I live, there are many busy spots which fill up with surfers when the swell is good. Yes it is cold but the wetsuit technology available nowadays means you can go surfing even throughout the winter. It may not be as appealing to wear a wet suit, boots, gloves and a hood to brave the chilly water but if the waves are there it is worth the pain. Probably the most famous spot in Scotland for surfing is Thurso East. There have been a number of international competitions held there and it is acknowledged as a world class wave. Of course it is not for the faint of heart and best suited to experienced surfers who know what they are doing. It is a reef break which picks up the north Atlantic swells and provides big hollow rights with several barrelling sections. It is a powerful wave and depending on conditions it can be anything from around 3 feet up to 12 feet and beyond. It works at all tides but the incoming tide is best. The break is sometimes called Castle Reef because it sits opposite the castle a few minutes walk from the centre of Thurso. The town is in the far north of Scotland and it is quite a journey to get there, in fact it is the northernmost town on the British mainland. There is little doubt it offers the best surfing experience in the country and on a good day it is tough to beat. There are several other bays in the area which also provide good surf which is less challenging.