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How to Learn to Surf on a Shortboard

Most surfers identify surfing on a shortboard as a more difficult endeavor than the longboard. If you’re new to surfing, though, don’t worry. With practice, you can grasp this fun way of surfing that will empower you to try things in a different way as a surfer. Experience sharper turns, aerials, and some nifty tricks unique to the shortboard. Remember that, if you don’t have previous experience with surfing, you need to first start out with a longboard, or you’re in for a much more challenging experience. It will a needless amount of extra effort that you don’t have to extend.
First of all, you want to speak with an expert to determine the right size shortboard for you, and he or she will do this based on where you intend to surf and your own body type. Both small and large surfer shops should have employees who can help you pick just the right one. 
Plan on practicing a lot. It takes pro surfers years of practice to do what they do, and they still are challenged. Be patient with yourself as you learn and realize it’s going to take some time. Enjoy the journey.
At first paddle around on the board and even just sit on the board in calm waters. Getting used to your board is key before you try to surf on it. Lie flat on the board, then switch to sitting on it. Practice this over and over again. Get your balance; make adjustments in your movement and stance as needed. 
Now delve into the big time. Try approaching a breaking way. Duck dive as it comes toward you, then plunge the tip of the board into water as you grip harder on the rails. Push the board’s tail end with your foot. This will take practice, but it will eventually shoot you under and out the back of the wave. 
This will just get you started. There is a lot more to surfing on a shortboard. It would take a book to tell you everything. It’s definitely worth it to learn to surf on a shortboard. Just remember to keep safety first and always consult a surfing professional for extensive tips and warnings before heading out to the waves.